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Even the ancient Romans, Greeks and Croat recognized the beauty of the Primosten and decided to make their home here. Today , in Primosten, we can find traces of these cultures. In the history, Primosten was called “Primorje” and later “Bosiljine”.
Real expansion of Primosten begins in the late 60 -s of the last century when all the hotels and infrastrucure were built and when tourism was main economical industry. In those days Primosten was most famous touristic destination on the east adraitic coast. The developing was briefly interupted during the serbian agression on Croatia (1991-1995) but today again Primosten is desirable tourist destination.

Position and climate:

Primosten is situated 28 km from Sibenik, on the south and 40 km from Split airport. Primosten has an ideal geographical position and it is no problem to visit all National parks and other cities in Dalmatia and to be back at the same day. Climate is mediterenian with mild winters and hot summers. Swimming season lasts for 6 months so it is not strange to see people swiming in November.

Culture and tourism:

During the summer in Primosten are held many cultural-artistic events like fiesta in August.
Tradition is to celebrate “Madona from Loret” on 10.05. each year as well as “Madona from Porat” on 27.07. each year. In Primosten You can find accomodation in private apartaments as well as in hotel “Zora”. Beside beautiful beaches there are also many small island and a beach for nudists.